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Acceptance of the following VILLA VANNA policies is considered mandatory to your booking with us. As our villa guest you are agreeing to all of our villa policies, terms and conditions, and procedures when completing your booking. 

Reservation Policy

Upon confirmation, we ask for a 30% deposit when booking is more than 45 days in advance. The remaining 70% is due 45
days prior to arrival.

Cancellation policy

If the booking is canceled 45 days or less before arrival no refund will be made. Cancellations made 60-45 days before arrival will have a cancellation fee of 30 % of total costs (non refundable deposit).

House rules

  • Upon arrival please hand over your personal documents (passports or identity cards) of all guests for registration. They will then be handed back to you immediately.  ​​​

  • We do not allow any big parties at the property. 

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the property, smoking is only allowed in the outdoor areas.

  • From 23:00 till 6:00 o’clock it is night time peace, therefore it is prohibited to cause any noise or disturbance.

  • Please do not keep any food inside the rooms, Sri Lanka is a tropical country, ants and other animals will find their way to leftover foods in a few minutes.

  • No animals are allowed. We have our own dog Maya and she is the only queen of this house! Maya is lovely but she is not allowed inside the house. (She also loves shoes so please keep them inside for your shoe's safety).

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring in persons that are no guests of Villa Vanna and who have not been listed on the reservation. 


​​In the case of a cancellation of the accommodation by the host due to infringement of the house rules, the guest will be charged the whole amount of the reserved period of time, regardless of the shorter stay.


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