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Image by Kevin Charit

Villa Vanna ❤ Sustainability

We cannot do everything and we are not an eco certified villa but we do the best we can and we care!

If we are going to have the slightest chans to achive the global goals everyone has to contribute, even small businesses like ours. Some of the things we do at Villa Vanna are:


At Villa Vanna we are proud to say that we aim to buy as much as we can locally produced. We do not brag with a famous architect from London, we brag with a local architect from Galle.

Our furnitures were made by Mr. Gamage at the small shop just around the corner and by the local antique dealer in Galle. 

The food we serve we buy fresh at the local market and shops every day. 

Image by Eddy Billard

We have a water machine where you can get cold water all the time. The 19 litre bottles are reusable and changed by a local company when needed.  This way you do not have to drag home new plastic water bottles every day. 


We work with Talpe Recycling, the only local company taking care of garbage. They come to the villa to collect our plastic, glass, aluminium and cardboard. We are so glad they are here to help us save our garbage from being  landfill.

We have our own compost and from that we get the most nutritious soil for our flower and plants in the garden. 

Image by Bethany Szentesi

We participate in local beach cleanups and our staff are encouraged to do the same, of course during work hours with salary. We also contribute as often as we can to the local turtle hatchery where they care for hurt turtles with the aim of letting them free and continue their life in the wild. 

Image by Brian Yurasits
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